Three-month groups, meeting every Tuesday night where you will:

  • Travel the Five Landscapes To Your Luminous Life, in the four parts of self (the physical, emotional, thought and spiritual bodies – one each season), through 4 realms of engagement (the Self, the Other, the Group and the Divine), in three levels of exploration (the Lower World, the Middle World and the Upper World).
  • Journey and learn using experiential tools to guide your discovery specific to our theme
  • Dance, move, discover the power of image and symbol, make art, write, share, read, laugh, cry, release, remember yourself, imagine, make friends, find your feet, belly, breath, body and spirit
  • Learn powerful tools, skills and practices to awaken your soulful luminous life, anchor your healing, shifts and growth in your daily life
  • Be part of a community of like minded and spirited women, learn from each other, offer and receive support, connection and witnessing on your path
  • Get a ticket to a one-day Saturday workshop and a gift guest ticket to share
  • Receive three guided journeys on audio recording
  • Have access to recorded teachings, to revisit or if you miss a session
  • Have a workbook to guide your inner work, discoveries and keep all your tools, tricks and learning in one place
  • Be eligible for the certification track to become a Certified Guide of this work
  • Thank yourself for giving this gift to You




Treasure Map to the Luminous Life of your Physical Body

  • Learn to really listen and follow your body, as it is NOW, to feel more alive
  • Fall in love with your body so you can fully engage with pleasure Now
  • Feel safe and empowered in your body for more intimacy and vitality


Treasure Map to the Luminous Life of your Emotional Body     

  • Learn to leave the past in the past, stop rehearsing future events and fully engage with Now
  • Learn to feel safe enough to feel and follow your own truth
  • Release patterned, out dated ways of being and free yourself to be yourself


Treasure Map to the Luminous Life of your Mental Body (special summer schedule)

  • Learn to make decisions and choices with laser clarity for total self trust and confidence
  • Transform stress, anxiety and reactivity to find your clear, calm, higher mind
  • Stop worrying and use your creativity for more productive purposes


Treasure Map to the Luminous Life of your Spiritual Body

  • Learn to feel spiritual connection, guidance, love and wisdom as a daily experience
  • Recover from religious indoctrination and family patterns to find your inner guidance, personal power and peace
  • Create your sacred compass so you are never lost again

You may feel attracted to one of these modules more than another, that is fine, you can begin there… AND…I can tell you that the one you are least ‘interested’ in may be the one you are most in need of. I strongly encourage you to consider all four as a solid foundation for the direct experience of your brilliance, where you will find your confidence, clarity and feel connected to your embodied authentic truth.

Special Bonus Offer:

To encourage you even more! Enroll in all four when you initiate your sign up and receive the gift of a special bonus ‘bringing it all together’ potluck, workshop and a follow-up group call upon completion of the series.


$975 per 3 -month module. When you commit to all four please accept the bonus gift: potluck, workshop and follow up group call ($397 value) at the end of the four modules. Manageable payment plans available or credit cards accepted.

Fill out an application or schedule a consult (below) to move forward.

If you cannot gather with us in person, you can receive the same training through our Adventure From Home option.


Gather 7-10 women to meet Shannon & experience the Treasure Map signature system in your own home. 



Let's schedule a 30-minute chat to evaluate your needs, desires and next right step.


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