Shannon Simonelli, Compass

Expand your toolbox to include working with others using the Treasure Map to Your Luminous Life. Feel confident, self-assured and well supported in knowing you can effectively assist others to unlock their lives and their brilliance.

Apply this time-trusted system, with 20+ years of development; learn to use tons of tools and resources that get results for those you work with. Enjoy the safe container that Shannon is an expert at developing, get mentored by a master, and learn with other awesome women.

Become a certified guide.

Learn to:

  • Use highly engaging, research based tools in your practice to set you apart
  • Unlock your deeper gifts for better results and greater client satisfaction
  • Apply the Treasure Map system to your vision, project or practice so you are both supported and free in your creative application
  • Find new understanding of counter transference and relax in your work

Designed as a distance learning experience with a residential retreat for:

  • Counselors, therapists, social workers, mental health workers
  • Educators, facilitators, trainers
  • Personal coaches, mentors
  • Holistic practitioners, healers
  • Medical professionals, nurses
  • Women interested in guiding and supporting others
  • Women interested in expanding their own self-development

Learn and grow with a group of amazing women, be held in a safe and supportive container. Use ready-made tools that will guide you in guiding others, share pre-recorded audios with your clients and playlists for movement already made for you. Get support to identify your ideal clients, marketing message and receive mentoring as you apply your learning to your vision in your work life. Shannon is not interested in training you to be Shannon, she is interested in supporting you into your own genius, brilliant expression of your work using the wealth of this system adapted to you….sound good? Then you have found your treasure trove!

Are you ready to:

  • Learn something fresh to add to your existing practice, offerings or work with people?
  • Step into a new way of working and supporting women that you have dreamed of for years?
  • Deepen your own growth and development, stretch yourself and share with others?
  • Learn to hold really safe space for powerful, embodied transformation?
  • Safely use specific experiential work to empower people on their journey?
  • Expand your tool box within the scope of your practice for more enjoyment in your work?
  • Grow and refresh your life with greater meaning, satisfaction?
  • Receive support and connection in a community of other like minded and spirited women?



All four three-month modules, in person or from home, 4 one-day workshops, and an approved application, some individuals are requested to do private guide work with Shannon or an approved alternative.



The sooner you ‘choose in’ to the certification track the sooner you get to:

  • Identify yourself as a guide-in-training. Use our guide-in-training special logo and be listed as a guide in training on this website.
  • Participate in a special guides-in-training group call each quarter to discuss questions, insights, and growing awareness related to the module you are experiencing in your pre-requisite learning
  • Make your own journey as a traveler on the path, part of your learning as a facilitator
  • Take advantage of the bonus workshop at the end of the four pre-requisite modules
  • Opt into other learning, bonus and internship opportunities for guides-in-training as they arise

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