Can’t get to the In Person learning experience on Tuesday nights? You’re in luck! There is a distance learning option for you. It doesn’t matter if you live close, far or on the other side of the globe, we can connect and navigate the Treasure Map to Your Luminous Life. You will also be eligible for the certification track if you choose the distance learning option.


You will receive lots of support and many goodies adapted for distance learning. You will:

  • Meet on a live phone call with Shannon and other group members twice a month
  • Be part of an organized ‘core of four’ peer group, suggested phone meetings twice a month, with a suggested structure for calls
  • Be part of an online forum with Shannon’s involvement
  • Have a three-day in person workshop for live experiential learning

Like the live track, but adjusted for distance learning, you will:

  • Travel the Five Landscapes to your Luminous Life
  • Journey and learn using experiential tools to guide your discovery specific to our theme
  • Dance, move, make art, write, share, read, laugh, cry, release, remember yourself, imagine, make friends, find your feet, belly, breath, body and spirit
  • Learn powerful tools, skills and practices to anchor your shifts and growth
  • Be part of a community of like minded and spirited women, learn from each other, offer and receive support, connection and witnessing on your path
  • Get a ticket to a live one-day workshop and a gift guest ticket to share
  • Receive a minimum of 3 guided journeys on audio recording
  • Have a workbook to guide your inner work, discoveries and keep all your tools, tricks and learning in one place
  • Have access to recorded teachings and related bonus teachings to revisit or if you miss a session
  • Be eligible for the certification track
  • Thank yourself for giving this gift to You

Special Bonus Offer:

To encourage you even more! Enroll in all four when you initiate your sign up and receive the gift of a special bonus ‘bringing it all together’ potluck, workshop and a follow-up group call upon completion of the series. This is an in-person offer, we want to celebrate with you body to body, face to face and heart to heart!


$975 per 3 -month module. The Adventure From Home offer covers the same material with the same number of hours of contact and experience as the In Person learning option. You will just be experiencing the material and your own work in a different format. When you commit to all four please accept the bonus gift: potluck, workshop and follow up group call ($397 value) at the end of the four modules. Manageable payment plans available or credit cards accepted.

Fill out an application or schedule a consult (below) to move forward.


Gather 7-10 women to meet Shannon & experience the Treasure Map signature system in your own home. 



Let's schedule a 30-minute chat to evaluate your needs, desires and next right step.


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