This journey is all about teaching and supporting you to unlock trust in yourself and express your whole, authentic, beautiful self…in all areas of your life, without excuse or apology. To bring all parts of your self and your life into alive, alignment with the brilliance of you. Sound good?!

Yes!? Personally, I have learned, time and again with myself, and those I work with, that change can be a conscious shift in the moment, it can also be a death and rebirth process…it can be messy. We grow either by crisis or conscious choice. We do best when we give ourselves time, attention and support…and that we can create real, sustainable change with practice, tenderness and courage. That we are, each one of us, designed to become our unique true self and that the journey to this treasure of YOU is the Soul-making call of a life-time. Finding and creating our own ‘way’ in life is what being here is all about. I believe this inner to outer coherence brings us the most connection, satisfaction and fully alive joy.

If you can relate, if you feel stirred by this, or feel the call…if you are ready to feel more support, connection and fully alive in your relationships, your work and your life…then, take a closer look, join the journey or sign up for a free 30 minute ‘next right step’ call. This work has been taking shape over the past 20 years, there are so many tools and practices to guide, support and enrich your journey, I can’t wait to share all the goodness with you.


Join a three-month journey module, a one-day event, or a sample offering. For now, the three-month modules are open to women only; our events and samples frequently welcome men and older teens. You can choose to join one or stack all four and receive a bonus workshop for free.

Learn and be supported with other amazing women in a three-month group experience. Each season we get curious, grow, heal, find wholeness and live into the wealth of you – each season focuses on different themes, lots of valuable extras too. Say yes to all four and receive a bonus retreat.

This group allows you to learn, see, experience and connect with your sister travelers from the comfort of your own space. Same content, theme focused, and adapted, plus a three-day in person workshop for deeper experiential goodies. Say yes to all four and receive a bonus retreat.

Following the time-trusted Treasure Map to Your Luminous Life system you will learn to use tons of tools and resources that get results for clients. Enjoy the safe container that Shannon is an expert at developing, get mentored by a master, and learn with other awesome women. 


Gather 7-10 women to meet Shannon & experience the Treasure Map signature system in your own home. 



Let's schedule a 30-minute chat to evaluate your needs, desires and next right step.


“Shannon is an excellent group facilitator. I appreciate deeply her ability to navigate complex group dynamics, for example in Shadow work, when it seems like everything is falling apart, she knows what to do and how to miraculously bring it all together again."
- Mary Phillips Certified, Advanced Rolfer

"With this work I feel ok to be me, however that looks or feels. Having this permission to relax and release makes me feel at peace…I’m so grateful for Shannon’s wisdom and to be part of this."
- Melanie W

"Shannon has this ability to make you feel you have her whole attention, that it is only you, in the center of your process, in the room with others. You feel she is just there with you and for you."
- Diane Simons

"Shannon offers a holding space where I can truly be with myself, in my body, in ‘quiet’… Shannon, thank you from all of me for having developed such capacity within yourself to hold a circle such as this one."
- Marla D.

"Shannon is an embodied healer and masterful facilitator. Her work is transformative and has supported me in connecting more fully with my true self. I'm inspired by Shannon combining her academic training and years of experience in the creation and offering of this deeper work for women."
- Jennifer Carlson, CMHC MAC

“I am so grateful for you, the space you hold and the dance. I feel I’m a different person than I was 4 years ago when I walked through that door…I think this ‘new’ me was there all along, I just needed a safe place to let it blossom.”
-Year-long group participant

"Thank you for the healing and sacred space you create. Today I felt the freedom to acknowledge how hard some of my struggles are and how much great need I have for comfort and caring."
- Amanda B.

"The most fun I've had with personal growth work!"
- Lila

“I have had so much growth directly related to this work…psychologically, in the body and in my life. I can stay present, in my body when things get scary. I’ve created the life I wanted and got over the things that blocked me… so much because of this work. Thank you. I feel so grateful and supported by this. I get married next week and when I began with you I was scared to give up my independence and afraid of getting hurt!”
- Year-long group participant, LCSW therapist

"Shannon is a Master Teacher in the most gentle and powerful of ways. Being in her sessions is like waking up from a dream and finding yourself in happiness. I felt complete permission to be with whatever came up, I felt there were no expectations of us or ANY judgment, only holding space and honoring our discoveries."
- Stacy J.

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