Saturday November 18th 2017



Saturday November 18th 2017
1:00 – 5:00 pm Pre-registration required

Enjoy this introduction to the Treasure Map To Your Luminous Life system and learn to  invite and embrace more of your authentic self in your daily life. We will call on contemplative movement called ‘Authentic Movement’ a process that invites the inner, active imagination to come through the body and movements. This experience is done without music and encourages the mover to move with eyes closed and follow inner prompts guided by something beyond our thought body.Symbolic art making and reflective writing anchor the experience and help hold meaning making. While Shannon holds the role of the fair witness and offers her response to your sharing of your experience though symbolic art making and group sharing circle. This safe and supportive journey can bring powerful insight and ‘whole making’ experiences to participants.

Men, women, older teens

$49 pre-register, bring a friend as Shannon’s guest
Please arrive at 12:45 for circle at 1:00

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