What a potent time we are in: the Solar Eclipse, Moon energies and astrological influences…all pulling us into the ‘heart of the matter’. The heart of the life we long for – both personally and collectively. We are being asked to wake up and pay attention, to listen to the call of our Soul…to hear her above the roar of the world and our own self-doubt. We are being asked to let go, forgive, burn through our grief. We are being nudged to drop into the center and power of our own hearts…for the good of our lives, for the good of our communities and our world.

What is ‘at the heart of the matter’ for you? What do you long for in your life, in your community, or world? What do you desire or feel passionate about? I am speaking to your vastness…to the Heart of your Soul…to your Spiritual Heart…Bring this into your awareness and into form, in some way now.

Even as I say this, you are likely also bumping up against the old voices in your head. The one who reminds you it “never changes”, no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try. This part of you is the old guard…desperately trying to maintain the ‘status quo’…even when the status quo does not serve you. It is time, now to let these out dated limits fall away…to quiet the chatter that holds you small…this is the voice of your past. You are growing beyond this now.

We all have the ability and power to shift and soften into our heart of hearts…to drop into what matters most…into the ‘heart of the matter’.

I realize this is no small order! Yet, I feel passionate about this…it is what I do! Nudge, encourage, and guide you into your own best becoming self…into your Luminous Life. There is work to do here…it is ‘work’. It is ‘hard’, yes…so hard sometimes…we get comfortable with the small boxes we live in…we bring our favorite soft blanket in and some snacks and say…’this isn’t so bad’…and yet a part of us is screaming out for MORE!

There is work to do here and there is a paradox here. With tools, practices and support the shift can happen easily, joyfully and light heartedly. So hard…and so easy. You can be free, and fill your life with inspiration instead.

I have learned that creating change is both a journey and a practice. Ho’o Pono Pono is one of the practices I have gratefully used in my own life and work for 10 years now. An ancient Hawaiian energetic practice and cosmology to cleanse, make right and restore righteous balance. The practice is both simple and profoundly deep. It feels like magic.

Ho’o Pono Pono practice:

Begin with an issue that is pressing on you, perhaps a discord within yourself, at work, in your family, or a physical symptom. Close your eyes and speak with your self out loud or internally. Tell yourself the primary statement and anything that arises in connection with the intention of this statement as indicated in parenthesis:

I Love You (the One in you that is experiencing this discord)

I Am Sorry (for your suffering and all that I have done to hold on to, contribute to, neglect or create this discord)

Please Forgive Me (for my part in your suffering…and join with me to set us free from the memories, pain and holding on to this discord)

Thank You (to your own understanding and relationship with the Divine Source energy – thank you for this life, these lessons, and this cleansing process…for taking this discord and transmuting it now)

I Love You (to Divine Source)

These simple lines, with focus and attention can change your life and open space for what matters most. Happy Healing!

Dr. Shannon Simonelli grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii and returned home to live, learn, teach and more deeply connect to her Hawaiian roots for almost 10 healing years. She now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah to be close to her daughter and grand daughter. 

About Shannon Simonelli Ph.D., ATR

Dr. Shannon Simonelli is the co-founder of the NeuroImaginal Institute and the founder and master guide of her signature system The Treasure Map To Your Luminous Life. Learn to navigate five landscapes and live more fulfilled, connected and fully alive. Dance, movement, art making, ritual, journey work, group process, myth/stories, and the rhythms of nature are our tools. 3-month groups, quarterly events and sample offerings are available for your support and pleasure. Come join the journey. You might even decide to become a certified guide! You can learn more about upcoming events at ShannonSimonelli.com

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