4 Things You Can Do Now:
We ‘sell’ change…the basic, stripped away truth is we sell change. This is a hard sell.  No one wakes up in the morning and says, “I think I will change today!”
No way. We tend to fight change, put it off, resist it, and do everything possible to keep the familiar in place, even if it isn’t working. We don’t wake up and take on change.
We wake in the middle of the night, spider web thoughts linking one worry to the next, creating a big nest of gripping, unfixable upset. We don’t get energized by this and say ‘I will change today’, NO!  Perhaps  we cycle through the 100th round of getting triggered by life and beating our self up for not being good enough or smart enough or for being so stupid to have hoped it would be different and putting our tender heart and hopes on the line one more time to have them tromped on.  Maybe we just can’t let go of what has been, we can’t see what’s around the next bend in the road of life, and we get scared.
We humans are pretty amazing creatures. We get stuck, we hold ourselves small, we endure pain, we grieve, and we find adaptive ways to get through the day – some healthy, others not so sustainable. We are resilient and resourceful, we find our way with the resources available, some days are better than others.
I ‘sell’ change…supportive connections and conscious discovery of new possibilities.
Our nature, as primal, surviving creatures, is to adapt. To learn new things, to make mistakes…to be creative in solving the problems life throws at us. Our survival depends on it, even if our habit has been to trudge through life as it is.
We change.
Change in unconventional ways...that is what I ‘sell’, what I catalyze in others. I have done it all my life; it is my nature, my ‘medicine’. It is my business. Creating experiences that empower people to make positive life-change lights me up. I love engaging people in creating the life that lights them up.
Creating a life that lights you up…I wish I could tell you “3 easy steps”, but honestly, it is a journey. There is terrain to cover, varied landscapes to navigate, tools that make it easier, and it helps to have a trusted guide that has traversed the journey many times before. This is what I ‘sell’. This is the journey of your own Luminous Life Maps:
  • Cover some initial terrain with sample experiences
  • Say YES to support and connections in navigating 5 Landscapes to your own lit up, Luminous Life
  • Gather your tools through unconventional experiential work with dance/movement, art making, guided meditations, and more
  • Lean into the wisdom that awakens in you with Shannon, A Masterful Guide
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About Shannon Simonelli Ph.D., ATR

Dr. Shannon Simonelli is the co-founder of the NeuroImaginal Institute and the founder and master guide of her signature system The Treasure Map To Your Luminous Life. Learn to navigate five landscapes and live more fulfilled, connected and fully alive. Dance, movement, art making, ritual, journey work, group process, myth/stories, and the rhythms of nature are our tools. 3-month groups, quarterly events and sample offerings are available for your support and pleasure. Come join the journey. You might even decide to become a certified guide! You can learn more about upcoming events at ShannonSimonelli.com

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