Get a power boost to live every day fully alive, connected and fulfilled in your relationships, work and life. In a few short hours you will feel really seen and ‘gotten’ while you step into total encouragement and support to discover, express and be your self with other like minded and hearted fellow travelers. If you are a man, woman or older teen who is spiritually awake yet sometimes struggles with:

  • Feeling adrift, disconnected or disimpassioned
  • Navigating transitions with clarity, certainty and grace
  • Revealing your brilliance in all you do and embody every day

Then its time to join the journey and learn to navigate the Five Landscapes to unlock the brilliance of your Luminous Life. Finally be the powerful creator of your life that you truly are.

I love working with men, women and older teens in our event offerings. The diverse and rich energies present in these special events help us all fill out the picture and the dance we do in our life, work and relationships every day.

So if you dream of feeling more satisfied and fulfilled in your life, if you are ready to live more connected and joyfully alive then welcome home. Trust your impulse, trust your self and get the power boost! Reach out and join one of our upcoming events.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? – Mary Oliver


Check out our upcoming events and reserve your spot. Space is limited and we'll love for you to join us.



Gather 7-10 women to meet Shannon & experience the Treasure Map signature system in your own home. 



Let's schedule a 30-minute chat to evaluate your needs, your desires and your next right step.


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