Get Lit Up!

Get Lit Up!

4 Things You Can Do Now:
We ‘sell’ change…the basic, stripped away truth is we sell change. This is a hard sell.  No one wakes up in the morning and says, “I think I will change today!”
No way. We tend to fight change, put it off, resist it, and do everything possible to keep the familiar in place, even if it isn’t working. We don’t wake up and take on change.
We wake in the middle of the night, spider web thoughts linking one worry to the next, creating a big nest of gripping, unfixable upset. We don’t get energized by this and say ‘I will change today’, NO!  Perhaps  we cycle through the 100th round of getting triggered by life and beating our self up for not being good enough or smart enough or for being so stupid to have hoped it would be different and putting our tender heart and hopes on the line one more time to have them tromped on.  Maybe we just can’t let go of what has been, we can’t see what’s around the next bend in the road of life, and we get scared.
We humans are pretty amazing creatures. We get stuck, we hold ourselves small, we endure pain, we grieve, and we find adaptive ways to get through the day – some healthy, others not so sustainable. We are resilient and resourceful, we find our way with the resources available, some days are better than others.
I ‘sell’ change…supportive connections and conscious discovery of new possibilities.
Our nature, as primal, surviving creatures, is to adapt. To learn new things, to make mistakes…to be creative in solving the problems life throws at us. Our survival depends on it, even if our habit has been to trudge through life as it is.
We change.
Change in unconventional ways...that is what I ‘sell’, what I catalyze in others. I have done it all my life; it is my nature, my ‘medicine’. It is my business. Creating experiences that empower people to make positive life-change lights me up. I love engaging people in creating the life that lights them up.
Creating a life that lights you up…I wish I could tell you “3 easy steps”, but honestly, it is a journey. There is terrain to cover, varied landscapes to navigate, tools that make it easier, and it helps to have a trusted guide that has traversed the journey many times before. This is what I ‘sell’. This is the journey of your own Luminous Life Maps:
  • Cover some initial terrain with sample experiences
  • Say YES to support and connections in navigating 5 Landscapes to your own lit up, Luminous Life
  • Gather your tools through unconventional experiential work with dance/movement, art making, guided meditations, and more
  • Lean into the wisdom that awakens in you with Shannon, A Masterful Guide
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3 Ways to Grow Inspiration

What is Glimmer?! The Glimmer is that image or thought that shimmers into your awareness ‘from out of no where’. When it comes it is captivating…if only for a moment. Almost like a little seduction…so good and tantalizing. It bleeds through from a life not lived. It grabs your attention, sparks your imagination, stirs your emotions.

In the beginning it comes for only a second…and then it is gone…just a shimmering twinkle of desire or inspiration. Often this Glimmer come when ‘least expected’…when we are driving home and spacing out, doing the dishes while staring out the window mindlessly, gardening in the perfect warmth of the sun.

I have come to consider these glimmering visitations as inspired sparks from the Soul… calling us, inviting us to imagine a treasure we have not yet found. Sadly, and all to often, it seems we bring our rational mind to this party and everything shuts down. Our Glimmer is gone. We are left feeling silly or even defeated by our ‘daydream’ and we resignedly step back into the grind of our every day life…and the good feeling is gone.

Get practiced at Going For The Glimmer, hunt for it. Pay attention to it when it shimmers into your consciousness. Play with it, engaging in the fanciful potentials…let your imagination roam wild. With this practice the Glimmer stays a while longer, coming into a little more focus…and then it is gone again. Step by step you practice following this luminous mysterious glimmering desire for something more…and it grows in clarity. 

We begin to be able to summon it and imagine into it. If we want it to grow into form in our life, it needs our attention. These glimmering thought forms and energy bodies want to find their way into form and function. Their calling on you is designed to inspire and to engage all the resources, skills and supports you have and some you may need to acquire.

The Glimmer IS your luminous life calling to you…it is the magic in your every-day inviting you into the life of your dreams. It is the essence of your desire, your Soul calling to you from the wilderness of your own becoming. All you have to do is notice. Notice that shimmer at the edge of your vision, the sparkle in your wandering mind, the fanciful attraction to something unexpected in your every day life. Notice…and keep your rational, doubting mind at bay.

Once you connect with what is glimmering through, you can use your imagination as a power tool to bring it into form in your life. Here are three well founded practices to grow this inspiration:

  • Day dream! Let your creative mind wander with all that is possible with this emerging energy in your life. Have fun with this, check your problem solving mind ‘at the door’ and enjoy the fanciful potential.
  • Collect images that are resonant with what is emerging, what it looks like, feels like, capture some element of it. If it is the new home you would love to live in (even if you can’t figure out how), capture the images and create a collage/vision board or join pinterest and give your Glimmer it’s own board!
  • Make a list of all the discoveries you are making about your Glimmer…what are the qualities, the details, the way you feel when you spend time with your glimmering new reality? Get to know it, spend time with it and make it matter.

All of these practices invite the power of your imagination, calls on everything the research is telling us, and supports us into our own glimmering Luminous Life.

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Whats working you?

Whats working you?

Whats working you in your every day dance with life? This question might be approached on a number of levels. 

I am drawn to the realm of inner work, imagination and the body. I experience ‘what works us’ as the dance between the struggles, triumphs and quiet Soul whispers of our every day life. 

And so I wonder…what is working you?

You know the feeling… something in the corners of your thoughts, or ‘under your skin’…like sand in your bed sheets…it is there and then it isn’t. Maybe it is bleeding through from a quiet moment – driving home, washing the dishes, staring out the window on the train or bus. Perhaps you feel it strongly, the irritation, or the desire for something not quite clear.

Part of ‘what works us’ in this every day dance includes the cycles of nature that we are all influenced by…even when we are unaware of them. Think about that, energies we don’t know about influence our perception and experience. That is amazing to me really. We are effected by seasonal shifts, moon cycles, solar flares,  planetary shifts and changes – wether we “believe” in them or not. 

We are elemental beings. How could we not be worked by these and many other personal rhythms and unfolding stories?! 

Acknowledging the New Moon and Full Moon cycle is one way to pause and invite conscious curiosity in this question…what is working me? The rhythmic energy shifts of the moon has a big draw on our body and our psyche. Of course it does, we are 60-75% water! Our cellular structure and physical body is like our own mini ocean…we feel the pull of nature in our very cells. We are elemental beings…and our psyche is akin to the myths and stories of the moon.

So as I imagine the ebb and flow of my own fluid nature and I get curious about the moon cycle at this time, New Moon Super Moon in Gemini – here is what the Mystic Mamma experts say:

First off – a Super Moon is a moon closest to the earth, the experience associated with this Super Moon New Moon energy is one of feeling little ability to impact our life or the circumstances we see in the world. We may feel our longing and desire but feel unable to do anything about it. Nice. Until, that is, we get into alignment with the deeper pull and purpose of our life…our own right rhythm. “We can anticipate ongoing intensity and struggle and the emergence and disintegration of whatever keeps us out of our empowerment and connection to our rightful path.” Pat Liles 

Again, the question…what is working you and how might you encourage your own empowered action?

“Medusa was destroyed from looking at her own reflection. We too must be brave enough to gaze upon our fears…and then open a dialogue with them…” Leah Whitehorse 

“To make the best of this moon we must commit to an inner journey that may be scary. We may have to face the fact that what we thought we wanted is but a pale reflection of who we truly are.” Sarah Varcas

Inner work, inner journeys and unlocking our vastness instead of living in our scarcity…this is the essence of The Treasure Map To Your Luminous Life work. May you capitalize on this New Moon with reflection and trusting your inner knowing as a primary source of wisdom and guidance and may you release anything that holds you small so that you can unlock your own luminous life. 




YES and NO…such powerful words, simple really…straight forward…right?


How often do you say ‘YES’ when you really mean ‘NO’? Or perhaps you say ‘NO’ but wish you were saying ‘YES’. It can all be so complicated!

This is precisely why I love exploring yes and no through the body…through movement and through the powerful bioenergetics of each of these words. Try it yourself…say ‘YES’ and see what your body wants to do. Some times it helps to close your eyes and feel into it…then say ‘NO’ and see what your body does.

In our group this week we got curious about ‘YES’ and found a natural opening in the body, arms open and sometimes raised up was the corresponding body posture…a feeling of openness. We then explored ‘NO’ and found more of an edge, a punctuation, and feeling of tightness was reported by some. We tried adding a hip thrust while saying ‘NO’ and this brought more power and possession of the energy of no…a great discovery.

As the group moved through the evening with various experiments for movement there were giggles, shrieks and powerful exclamations. Things were heating up! Women were moving into the energy of YES and NO with more ownership, experimenting and building their capacity for fluency with embodied boundaries.

As this continued, I began to witness a shift in the room…as if something got unlocked. It was palpable, the range of expression and movement expanded. The YES became fuller and the NO more clear and defined. Timidness melted away and the essential energy of these words were being owned. Both power and joy entered these dancers. I could see and feel the magic we were creating.

As the music and expression began to settle and move towards quiet, as bodies began to rest and find their own stillness, I could feel more space in the room. So interesting. More space…when we practice boundaries, where we start and stop, what we will and will not allow, do or engage with, you might imagine it would be limiting. I experienced the opposite.

With clear boundaries there came new permission to fill out the YES space with more expansion and energetic possession of self in space, as if it became more ok to ‘take up space’ or to ‘exist’. I witnessed the safety that comes with trusting we have our own back, that we can count on our self to set a boundary, to stand for what matters. There is a relaxing into this holding, container or boundary that is invited and observable. Bodies were more at ease as they moved between expressing yes and no, movements freeer and expanded. Emotions seemed to be more available as well, smiles, tears, and powerful boundaried moves were all dancing together.

I get it: when we give ourselves permission to have clear, empowered, embodied boundaries we create more space for what really matters. We clear space for us…for our desires, our most important expressions. We invoke safety for our self so we can relax in knowing we will champion our most precious truth. We soften into this and simultaneously find the clarity that creates the container. What a powerful teaching from two ‘simple’ words moving in, through and with the body.

Grief & Gratitude: Consciously Dancing With Maturity

Grief & Gratitude: Consciously Dancing With Maturity

Warming up, gentle music carrying me…in…into my body, into the space, into the dance. I get curious, checking in with this body today. Following nurturing breath and beat into joints, muscles, aches and pains, stiff and crunchy places… into the question…what is here now?

My heart swells, full of how deeply the dance is my home, my entire life, movement has been a comforting constant. Twenty years alone have been devoted to 5Rhythms and ecstatic forms of dance. As I move with this emotion my body and heart soften, my movements get round and full, slow and yummy.

This carries me into a full and joyful dance…moving from my center and into the space, between other bodies, eventually connecting with other’s movements…feet, hips, spines…in our unique dialogue together. “Hello! Oh…I see….yes, and this is me today…yes…thank you, yes!” Through the room the dance takes us. I go and go and go, connecting and letting go, freeing my body and mind, and my heart…opening, filling, expanding.

Eventually my body quiets, movements slow, I come to quiet, restful movements, gentle, expanded…capacity for embodied presence right now, more than it was when I walked in.

Then I see it…a group of bodies rolling and twisting, hips open and fluid, no limitations in physical form. Beautiful youthful strength, wide-open expression of connection – core flow, body to body, grace, ease, joy. I smile, my brain body loves this, she knows this…it is familiar. I know these moves, I know what they feel like from the inside…rolling hips against the floor, against other bodies, fluid, easy, satisfying connections…and in this moment of joyful knowing it comes. My heart aches, this strange mixture of tremendous expanded gratitude at knowing, in my bones… and heart wrenching grief…the awareness strikes me… this is no longer my dance.

I will not be moving like that, in those ways again. These hips will not abide. The tears stream, I watch these movers as I rock myself gently. Being with this richness…expanded gratitude and grief…at the same moment. This heart of mine has been through many openings, cracking, breaking, shattering, and this one is different. This one is different. Poignant. Paradoxical. Quietly creeping in, it comes.

As I write this now, I see it. I see my expanding capacity. Even with a body that is coming to terms with it’s capacity now and a spirit that far exceeds the limitations of this body, I am expanding. I am softening, my heartful presence is deepening with the nuances that come knocking at my door, bidding me to pay attention. Pay attention, pay attention. Right here. Right now.

I see, the way we grow capacity changes through our life cycle and yet remains the same. In youth, expanding our capacity often comes with building courage to discover and express our Self, often ‘against’ our parents or culture. As we age, we expand our capacity by staying present to what we are simultaneously ‘loosing’ and gaining. The freedoms we ‘loose’ with grown up jobs, marriages, parenting and the joys we gain in exchange. And then…eventually, the ease we ‘loose’ in the body and the invitation into tenderness with ourselves, with our bodies, our elders, loved ones and companions. The sameness along the continuum of life is into the embodied heart, into the present moment, into our vulnerability and the remedy this brings. Eventually we find our way into a new story…and if we are lucky and practiced, we live into mastery. Until we bump into the next stage, the next steps in our ever evolving journey and we begin again…and I hear, “Notice, notice, notice…notice all of it. Don’t miss a thing.”

Imaginal Cells

Imaginal Cells

Consider the transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly. Butterflies are made from Imaginal Cells, which lie quietly inside the caterpillar, completely unknown within the furry, chubby host. I love that there are such things as ‘Imaginal Cells’ and that they show up in the single most amazing physical transformation of any living being in the animal kingdom that I know of.
Imagine, maybe acknowledge, that you have your own version of Imaginal Cells. They are lying quietly within you, waiting for the right time to call forth something more than you are right now. These Imaginal Cells hold the vibrational frequency and holographic image of every delicate, specific, unique and beautiful aspect of the soon to be revealed you. They know this exactly.

What if…in order for activation of the Imaginal calling to be awakened a surrender or mini-death is required? Death and rebirth…the essence of the season of Spring…coming out of winter, pushing through the darkness and into the light we are each reborn a bit as we begin again in these bodies…perhaps it means getting off the couch and into the garden or on to the trail. Perhaps your rebirth brings a shift in what you eat or crave or dream of. As Spring calls to you, I invite you to notice what is awakening in you…perhaps it is your own Imaginal nature inviting you more and more into the center of your own truest expression and life. What if…without knowing what would happen, without bracing against the call, or avoiding it at all costs, you just allowed?

How silly we humans are… we can spend years stuck, bracing against the pulse of our own unique life longing to meet itself.

I understand that taking the journey towards our own luminous life can push us way beyond our comfort zone.  I imagine caterpillars feel they are dying…melting away, with no conscious understanding that they are just changing. They, however, have their beautiful, primal, natural rhythm to follow. There is no second guessing of themselves involved! They just follow their nature. I believe, that when we are supported to hear, trust and follow our own inner, primal, natural rhythm and pull towards our unique nature, we are like the caterpillar becoming a butterfly.

Hearing and following the call to our own lit-from-within life is a personal journey and one that is also the Archetypal journey to our Soul. If we look, we discover there are maps to help us along the way on this journey of a life time. I know we need these guiding structures and supports, we also do better with fellow travelers as we navigate towards inhabiting our Destiny.

I believe this is also a collective journey, one that has an equally strong pull on a Meta scale. Imagine, maybe acknowledge, that our evolution has it’s own version of Imaginal Cells activating the vibrational frequency and holographic image of our collective becoming. In these challenging and sometimes scary times I choose to believe, although it may seem that so many things we love and value are dying, in fact we are reforming. Melting away, in the muck of our own decomposing goo, it can be easy to loose perspective. It can be easy to loose sight of the invitation to become more than what we are right now. That there is a code within us as a people, that holds the the holographic image of our winged rebirth.

We just have to listen, to surrender to the call to action we feel within us. To respond…and to join with fellow travelers so we are reminded we are not alone.

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