I have been at my craft for over 20 years. Much of what I do has lost the delineation of this theory or that discipline and it just flows. I can tell you, I have learned to notice and follow intuition, instinct, and a deeper call. I have grown into deep trust of the body, imagination and the inner guidance of my Soul’s call. I practice meeting my clients where they are and holding the guiding light so they discover and illuminate their own next steps in the journey of becoming their truest self.

This is wonderful, and I wanted to give my clients more. So I began to look deeply at what I really do. How do I navigate a session, class or group? Equally as important, what do my clients ‘get’ from working with me? What are the outcomes they enjoy, value and keep coming back for? Happily, I learned, there is great agreement amongst the clients I polled, they have taught me ‘what I do’ with them and for them. I am happy to say, The Treasure Map to Your Luminous Life and the Five Landscapes are the out growth of this inquiry.

The Treasure Map to Your Luminous Life system guides, supports, and teaches you to move through Five Landscapes, in four areas of your life: your physical body, emotional body, though body, and your spiritual body.

Through this process we will:

  • Navigate four realms of engagement – the Self, the Other, the Group and the Divine.
  • Explore three levels of experience – the Lower World, the Middle World and the Upper World.
  • Practice seven tools of navigation, which are experiential so you directly experience your learning, knowing and skill building – a powerful way to heal, grow, and live your brilliance.

If you feel curious but overwhelmed, stop reading and schedule a free 30 minute chat with me, we will sort it out!

For more clues: Lets take a closer look at the Five Landscapes below…

And you will find yourself on that road again, halfway between the life you left behind and the life you have not yet claimed. And for a moment, breathless, you will forget the destination, forget where you are going because your heart is ablaze, and the wind is in your hair now, and the world cannot keep up with you.

You are too fast for this world, too alive to think about consequences. You have risked everything to ride on this road, risked ridicule and rejection and your precious reputation, but you have chosen life over death, freedom over approval, speed over stagnation.

You have fallen in love with the unknown again.

The destination will show itself, yes, a new life will rise, but first you must ride, guided only by some inner knowing, a little frightened, but in awe of your own courage.   – Jeff Foster



We get curious, hunting for the impulse, practice attentive inner listening for the pull, the call… to grow, to risk, to take the journey. We practice our choice to answer the call, with experience we learn to read the signs and directions given internally, expressed outwardly, and sometimes through external magical signs.


We prepared for a safe journey, building skills and inner resources, learning about trust, we cultivate connections and practice deep listening. We learn to express power and passion, to hear the call of our inner wildness. We practice supporting and receiving, opening our hearts and minds and playing with creative expression to feed our Soul. We understand and honor that there is a mystery to life we can never fully know.


We practice and learn to leave the past in the past, we become experienced travelers as we learn to forgive, repair, release and let go. We find courage and support to shine the light on scary things in the dark, we build new understanding, take new paths, discover new perspectives and welcome home long lost parts of our self.


We find our way home to re-membering our whole and holy self, our journey helps us create a new story that includes more and more of who we truly are, we feel more connection to body, spirit, more balance and congruence between our head and heart. We practice leaning into self-compassion, vulnerability, tenderness and connection, remembering our inherent wholeness.


Living our brilliance with courage and truth we practice trusting our inner guidance, using tools and practices that work when things get tuff, we practice choosing and owning our love, power and wisdom in all we do. We get better and better at actively choosing to stay connected to what sources us, what guides us and what matters most. We live our empowerment freely, without apology and with growing joy we take our unique brilliance into action in the world.

Note to the traveler:

This journey may move in an orderly fashion through the Five Landscapes, but it may not. Do not feel you are ‘doing it wrong’ if you experience a different order. Expect to spiral around the landscapes in short cycles or with much longer cycles, at different levels of understanding at different times in your life cycle. This is the nature of traveling for your treasure.


Gather 7-10 women to meet Shannon & experience the Treasure Map signature system in your own home. 



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